For years, the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline has been a lifeline for abused children and survivors of abuse. Below you can see the years of impact the Hotline has had on children and families across the country.

Since 1982, the hotline has received more than 2 million contacts. These come from children at risk for abuse, distressed parents seeking crisis intervention, adult survivors of child abuse in need of support and concerned individuals who suspect child abuse.

My night has been lifted up so much because of your empathy and willingness to figure out on how you can help. I wish I could just shake your hand right now and say thank you in person because you been one of the most helpful people by far on this chat. It still going to be really hard at home for a long time till a move out, but I’ll keep trying to be strong. It was probably hard listening to some of the things I had to say, but thanking you for sticking through. I really appreciate you

-16 year old girl, struggling with past physical, emotional and sexual abuse, feeling suicidal.

“You were so helpful today I wish you the best. You really deserve the world just know your actually making a change in the world.”

-Teen girl facing emotional abuse amid domestic violence

Thank you so much honestly you might be the first person that’s EVER been so helpful and nice. You’re an angel!!!” 

-14 year old girl with history of physical, emotional, sexual abuse in family

Thank you, I was crying for a bit during this but I feel better now. thank you for being here for me, I really needed your help and I’m so glad that you were here for me.

-15 year old genderfluid with emotional abuse & family instability

The hotline is also a valuable source of information for mandated reporters such as school personnel, health professionals, police and fire investigators.

Our counselors will be there to answer the call for decades to come.

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline Impact Reports

Hotline Impact Report FY20

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